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website by stardrop!
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Last Updated: March 22nd

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hi im stardrop (click here) and this is my website.

I owe being an artist to my days in the computer lab playing KidPix. My favorite artist is my 9 year old self, and I aspire to channel that creative energy into my adult life. Thanks for visiting!!!!

my  projects <3

Everything I Own

Everything I Own (click here) is an NFT photography project where I took a picture and minted all 1,026 things I have. It's an exploration of ownership, consumerism, and privacy in the world of crypto.

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All My Files

All My Files (click here) is an NFT project and successor to "Everything I Own." While "Everything I Own" explored objects Stardrop owned physically and it's relation to the digital space, "All My Files" takes every digital file on Stardrop's laptop and examines digital ownership, privacy, and identity.